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Lori Kasper - Fine Artist

Lori Kasper

Lori Kasper

Ventura County - United States

Some would say Lori is having a passionate love affair . . . with photography! And she would not disagree.

Lori discovered her love for the image while vacationing in Italy in the spring of 2008. Maybe it was the crumbled walls in Rome, the Tuscan hills of Florence, or the canals in Venice. Perhaps the Chianti and olive oil helped a bit. But that trip convinced her to look at the world differently . . . to take a closer look at what many have already seen and show it back to them in a different way.

Today her work takes her wherever her lens leads her. She often travels solo without a destination in mind. . . in calm, patient pursuit of the next image . . . photographing completely in the moment . . . allowing time for the relationship to build between subject and photographer.

Many have been moved and inspired by Lori's work, and have become fans . . . some even collectors!

Lori invites you to grab your favorite cup of tea, sit back, relax, and explore her passion. See the world through Lori's lens.




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